Capture. Define. Interpret. Redefine

 -To capture a moment of conceptual construction, deconstruction, or transformation
 -To define growth and decay as it is in one encompassing moment in space and time
 -To interpret physical creation and recreation 
 -To redefine the processes of life thru visual stimulation and manipulation of materials, color, form and space
The world is locked in a balance of infinite growth and inevitable breakdown. 
The gears are at all times turning.
These are interpretive moments captured during the constant change.


The erosion and reformation of objects over time is inexorable.  My art portrays precise moments in time while the breakdown or reconstruction is occurring.  It freezes layers as they redistribute and re evolve.  It captures moments of motion and transformation.  Each piece develops out of itself as I become the catalyst to manipulate materials, space, time, and energy.  The answers are always woven into the layers.  They look to me to be set free.

A piece of art can represent anything and everything.  When basic shapes can imply endless possibilities no matter the complexity, there is always a cohesive simplicity in the forms that is recognizable to viewers across the board, making the art universally connectable.